Answers to your burning questions.

Well maybe not burning exactly...

How does MedDrip find where I’m located?

When you schedule an appointment online, fill out all the appropriate information including your address. We will also attempt to call or text to request your address if you forget to enter the information.

What happens when I request MedDrip’s services?

We do a happy dance.

When you call or book online a Paramedic (sometimes two) will show up at the address you provide. It can be your house, work, hotel, campground, or wherever want.

We will give you an ipad or intake packet to fill out. We will ask you some questions like, your current complaints, pertinent medical history, allergies to medications, medications you currently take, etc. Then we will give you a quick medical assessment. This includes things like checking your blood pressure, pulse, oxygen saturation, lung sounds, and presence of pedal and pulmonary edema.

After we assess your condition, we will talk with you about the best course of action to help you feel better. We have the ability to adjust and change your treatment to fit your personal needs. Our awesome medical director can also be directly involved with your doctor or those clients that need special or weekly treatments for their medical conditions.

Next, we start the procedure. Your Paramedic will start an IV in the most appropriate location, with a “needless” catheter. Once the Paramedic obtains access, they will make the IV cocktail personalized for you and connect it to the needless catheter. Once connected, they will set the appropriate flow rate and you’re on your way to feeling better.

Our innovative healthcare model reduces doctor visits, unnecessary exposure, hospitalizations, the probability of injury, the cost of basic medical care, and the burden on our healthcare system.

What is IV therapy?

Feel good, feel better juice.

Intravenous therapy is a medical technique that delivers fluids, medications, and nutrition directly into a person’s vein. Since we have direct access to your circulatory system, it is the fastest and most effective way to deliver those fluids and nutrients.

Who administers my IV?

Handsome yet highly qualified Paramedics.

When you call us, a certified or licensed Paramedic will arrive at your location to administer your IV. Don’t worry, we are all experienced in starting IV’s in the back of the ambulance, going 70mph down the road.

Does it hurt to get an IV?

Not really. It’s comparable to your annoying little brother pinching you. We believe the fear of needles starts when we are children, getting all those vaccinations and shots. The fear and stress of it inevitably gets to us and sticks with us as we become adults.

How long does it take to get an IV?

Not too long at all.

On average it takes about an hour and a half from start to finish. However, there are other factors that can extend that timetable like, your current condition, your general health, the size of the IV catheter, and the size of your vein. Once we get everything hooked up and flowing, it takes about 30-60 minutes depending on the above factors.

How long does it take to feel the effects of an IV?

Pretty darn fast.

You may or may not feel the effects of the IV, but your body will definitely notice! Typically, the sicker you feel before the IV, the more you’re able to feel its effects after. Hangovers, severe dehydration, and minor illnesses like the flu or COVID, will have a noticeable to a drastic change in how you feel. Not only does it help physically, it helps mentally. Improvement in morale and quality of life are equally important to fighting off illness.
If you don’t feel anything immediately after your treatment, you may feel more energetic or clarity throughout your day or better sleep at night.

Can my group of friends, family, coworkers get an IV at the same time?

Oh yeah!!

Absolutely! We cater to all types of groups and events. Wedding parties, bachelor parties, birthday parties, sporting events, work meetings, concerts, and anything else you can think of. Not only do we cater to groups, we give HUGE discounts for everyone! The more IV’s you get, the bigger the discount. The best part; we travel to you! We just request that you try and give us at least a two week notice so we can plan and get the supplies and personnel to cater your event. Please call us at 830-444-0035 for more group info and to schedule our services. A deposit may be required.


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